Bachelor Pad Gets Some Style

I had the honor of styling this bachelor pad. It was so fun! Brad has a gorgeous, custom home in Oregon, WI. It's built on top of a hill, and the view is breathtaking.

This is the downstairs hangout with bar. I told him he should have parties every weekend. 

On a side note, people often ask what to put on their bookshelves. My answer? Books. Books from the basement, books from your kid's room, books from Goodwill. Heck, get some about subjects like wine and history and people will think you're really smart! 

Here is the main floor living room. We did end up moving some pillows around post-pictures. Lots of stripes going on! But, I do love this room and that gallery wall. Very manly. ;)

Lots of the goodies for this home were found at the Restoration Hardware Outlet in downtown Milwaukee and at the cutest store Inspired MKE just across the street from there. Oh, and Target of course!