Ugly train table gets a makeover

Come April, I garage sale like it's my part-time job. I buy furniture, books, DVDs, kids clothes and home decor. I've even found some awesome clothing for me--some of my favorite pieces (J.Crew, even!) have been bought at garage sales for $1. 

At one sale, I spotted a train table for $10. I thought, "Of course I have to buy that. I have a little boy!" Once home and in his room though, I noticed how UGLY it was. The green was hideous with the blue and gray bedding I had. Totally stuck out like a sore thumb. 

So, I grabbed a can of chalkboard spray paint I had in the basement and sprayed it down. My husband saw me and gave me the look that said, "Nothing is safe with you..." I really love how it turned out! He wanted it for his cars anyway. So, I made perfect little roads with chalk that lasted for, you know, 5 minutes. :)