The Tale of 3 Couches

It's trendy to have white slipcovered couches. They are can be washed, are fresh-looking, and can be easily accessorized. I joined the bandwagon and went with the Ikea Ektorp couch and loveseat. Because, well, practically every blogger under heaven recommended them. They were cheap and got the job done! 

I sold my (hand-me-down) microfiber set and waited 5 weeks for these babies to arrive. When they did, I was happy. Ahh, a fresh, white space that felt automatically cleaner.

But then, peanut-butter hands, my daughter's beautiful long black hair, etc. I spent the next 6 months trying to keep them clean. I even had to "dust" them with a lint roller on a weekly basis. I've never dusted a couch before!!! Basically, these were the bane of my existence. Add to it that my husband thought they were so uncomfortable, he would usually watch a movie while sitting on the floor. 


Pretty though, right? So one day when I wandered into Ashley Furniture for some accessories (they have good stuff, you guys!), I saw these two awesome, Restoration Hardware-looking, floor-model couches for $550 a piece. The price, the look, and the fact that they be may gone the next day sold me. The next day I sold my Ikea couches and made room for these: 

They were much more comfortable, but did they look too BIG?? Maybe it's because my Ikea ones were so small. I kept thinking, I should've measured. That's what I tell every client to do. "Measurements are king!!", I say. Maybe my eyes would adjust and they'd be fine. But every time I came downstairs, I thought, "You couches are so BIG!!!". 

On another shopping trip, I wandered into Pottery Barn for some pillow covers, and they were having their big one-time-a-year sale. A sale! Wohoo! On my way to the pillows, I let my hand brush the linen Cameron sofa. Wow, how pretty! A saleswoman then approached me and said, "You like that couch? We're having our Buy More, Save More event and it's only one time a year and it's the best sale and if you like this couch you should buy it because the sale ends tomorrow."

Tomorrow?? Oh no! Should I hand her my credit card?? I can't miss a sale! Wait, no. I should really call my husband. He won't like this surprise. So I did. I called him right there in Pottery Barn and said, "Are you sitting down? I need you to listen without speaking because I have some good news: There is a HUGE sale at PB and my favorite couch ever is on sale. I could get this whole shebang for, like, $1500 (which was a slight exaggeration; they were more). I know we just bought couches (like twice), but these are what I've really been wanting in my heart of hearts. I know I can sell the other ones. (And the icing on top was when I said, "If we open a card, we get $200 in rewards!!)

He was quiet for way too long and said, "I'll have to call you back." I could almost hear his thoughts. "My wife is crazy. When will this end? I'm not made of cash." Well, when I got home, he did say one or two of these statements out loud. However, I did convince him. Because, what a deal!!

And now, I'm finally satisfied. I love my new couches. They fit perfectly. They are comfortable. And I got them on sale! The moral of the story is when one is too small, and one is too big, don't worry! Because one will be just right;)

(Don't mind my little guy--he's not sure what to do with himself since I told him he's not allowed to sit on the couches!)