Dining Room Makeover

Ever have that one room in your home that you just can't figure out?? Like where everything you try just doesn't work? That was my dining room for a long time. I had a farmhouse table that was a tank--big, brown and indestructible. I also had a white console table that I painted with milk paint (Hello, hours of painting. Why didn't anyone tell me that taking a cherry table and making it white with the most watery paint on the planet wasn't a great idea?? 3 hours, 10 coats, splatters of paint everywhere and I got an ok result...) Anyway, this room was fine. But, it felt meh.

So I decided to sell my table (even though my husband said, "What??! Why??!!) and start fresh. I found myself pinning pictures of dining rooms with white chairs and lighter wood tables, so that's what I ordered. 

Ahh, light and fresh.  The room felt better! I also moved in another console that I had previously painted a dusty blue color (Valspar's Divine Pepper).  I have plans to paint the walls a light grey color this summer, but overall, this space feels more me. What do you think??