New home, new style

This family of 5 recently moved into their new build, realizing that their old furniture did not work in the new space. This is a very common problem! New homes often require a new look because of the layout or different design aesthetic.  

Here's where we started: 

The corner fireplace is often a tricky element to work around, throwing a lot of homeowners off. We decided to pick a different focal point to center the furniture around and have the fireplace be in the background. We moved the tv from it's original spot, putting it to the right of the fireplace. This allowed us to place the furniture in a better arrangement and add more seating. 

We also wanted to add more color in this space. We started with a rug and pulled our color scheme from that. 

This space came together so well! More seating, more color, and a more functional space to help these new homeowners really feel at home.