* Paint Consult $150

     Need help picking out paint colors for your new space? Hire us before you pay the painter!

 * E-Design $300

    This includes an on-site visit to assess your space and get measurements (If not based in Madison, just submit pulled back photos of your space and measurements.)  Then, you will receive a mood board with clickable links to help you decorate according to your budget! 

  * Interior Styling $500-750 per room

    This includes an on-site visit, a mood board, help picking out furniture and having us completely re-style your space. You don't have to lift a finger! (2 room minimum)

Let's create something beautifully you.

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How does it work?


1. Fill out the web form

2. Open email and complete survey

3. I contact you to set up a consult and figure out the details!

4. You send me your Pinterest boards and inspiration photos.

5. I start designing and shopping!!

6. I style your space

7. You enjoy it!!